Witches, spirits and other Medieval Fears

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Witches, spirits and other Medieval Fears


During the nights of 2019 We invite you to discover
the fears that scared our ancestors
and that warded off with rituals and marks that not so long ago,
were still part of day to day life of the living, and the dead.

For adults Limited number of guests
Booking in advance required at nik@nikduserm.com

Guided tour (In Catalan language) Interested in the tour in English, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Approximately length visit 100 minutes
The activity will take place with a minimum of 13 visitors booked
Tariff 8/10€

Do not forget to bring a torchlight


Upcoming scheduled dates:

15 th August 20:50 Full Moon (TO BE CONFIRMED)
31 st October Halloween
6-8 th December
30 April Walpurgis night






If you or your group are interested in a visit, request more information

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